Ropa Mexicana Logo

Ropa Mexicana Store is a group of people with a socially responsible vision, committed to the welfare of craftsmen and workers. Under the policy of "fair trade" we encourage and support the preservation of the best of our country

Our main motivation is to be able to offer to the world garments from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico since they are rich in traditions, visually striking, and show the pride of belonging to a place with strong roots and vision to the future.

In addition, we want to support Oaxacan families who decide, from generation to generation, to create their handicrafts so that they can sustain themselves independently and continue growing in community.

Creating an online store to offer handmade clothing opens a door to the world that in other conditions is difficult to achieve.

To do this safely, we have integrated to Ropa Mexicana Store the SSL security certificates, real-time anti-virus and payment through Paypal, in this way the personal bank data is only controlled by Paypal.

We invite you to browse our store and get to know the clothes we offer. All are unique, made by hand and different from each other, or that makes pieces created with determination and love.